How to have a Successful Remote Deposition
06 August 2022

How to have a Successful Remote Deposition

Remote depositions are being chosen over in-person depositions due to a broad variety of reasons. COVID has managed to disrupt different types of interactions and court cases are certainly not immune.

Court cases have increased and there is a high number of pending cases. Not only that but there is a shortage of court reporters in the U.S. Along with the cost and time required to conduct in-person depositions, it is better to get used to remote depositions.

A remote deposition may be better in some cases but it requires preparation and work to make it successful. Attorneys, witnesses, court reporters, and other people will be conducting the deposition for hours.

Therefore, a remote deposition has to be conducted successfully for every person to do their job correctly. 

So, if you are conducting a remote deposition, how can you do it correctly and successfully? 

What are the steps you should take to make a remote deposition successful?

Since remote depositions are conducted virtually, you need to make sure that there are no technical errors. Technical errors are not the only factors to consider. Let’s see how you can prepare for a successful remote deposition.


  • Patience: Even if you do everything correctly, some things may not work as you planned. For example, glitches or disconnections may occur during the remote deposition. You should be patient and let the technicians handle the issue.
  • Get to the call early: Being early helps you avoid all the delays that might happen due to each person who is involved in the remote deposition. As long as you get to the call early, you can relax and for it to begin.
  • Set your Surroundings: Since a remote deposition requires formality and discipline, you need to remove all the distractions around you. Having a proper background and lighting is also crucial.
  • Close other unrelated programs: An unrelated program can cause distraction. There will also be a probability of exposing sensitive or confidential material to other participants. It is better to close all programs except the deposition.
  • Update your video conferencing software: Different advanced features are added regularly. As a result, the older versions might not work efficiently. Make sure you have the latest and updated version of Zoom before the remote deposition.
  • Appear well-dressed: You should dress as if it was an in-person deposition. It is still a deposition; the only difference is the location. Avoid wearing bold colors and wear solid colors to look professional.
  • Test every piece of equipment involved: A remote deposition is recorded and every participant should test their equipment to minimize technical issues. Internet connection, audio quality, and microphones should be tested before the remote deposition begins.
  • Speak loudly, and slowly: Since the deposition is through a call, it can be hard to catch up if you speak fast. When you speak fast, you will not sound clear. To be heard correctly, you need to speak slowly, loudly, and clearly.
  • Give each participant a separate location: When participants are in the same room, one participant will be a distraction to the other. To avoid distraction and audio overlap, each participant should be in a different room.


If you manage to apply all the mentioned aspects, you can have a successful remote deposition. But this doesn't mean that you will not face other issues. The above activities are more or less controllable but it is not perfect. Technology is a tricky thing and anything can happen but if you are patient, you can resolve the issue.

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