How to Recession Proof Your Court Reporting Agency
27 January 2023

How to Recession Proof Your Court Reporting Agency

With talks of whether or not a recession will soon hit the US continuing, there's no better time to take steps to recession-proof your court reporting agency. Of course, the court reporting industry is widely regarded as recession-resistant, yet it's never out of place to go the extra mile to ensure your firm can survive an economic meltdown. Looking for how to strengthen your business ahead of a nationwide recession? We've put together some steps to build a recession-proof court reporting firm. Let's dive in! 

  1.  Diversify Your Services

Businesses are typically at risk of folding up during a recession. Diversifying your services is a surefire way to protect your firm from this risk. Specializing in more service offerings means you can serve more clients and increase your streams of revenue even in harsh economic clients. In contrast, sticking to one area of specialization limits your income stream and exposes your firm to significant financial dangers, especially if the recession hits hard on your career specialty. As such, with a recession possibly on the horizon, it's time to consider additional valuable services you can provide your clients alongside what you already offer. 

  • Keep an Eye Out for Business Opportunities 

Harsh economic climates are often challenging times for businesses. However, they're also seasons of increased opportunities to expand into untapped markets. Businesses that fail to brace themselves for recessions typically struggle to navigate the uncertainty in the market and eventually close down within the early months of the turmoil. However, forward-thinking firms have often prepared themselves ahead of the downturn and can spot opportunities to reach new clients and tap into fresh business segments. In other words, your firm should be at the forefront of analyzing the data and researching market opportunities ahead of a possible recession. 

  • Cut Down on Expenses

An economic recession (or the months before it) isn't the time to toss money down the drain. It's best to get your finances in order as soon as possible. An excellent way to do this is to begin to review your expenses. What is your court reporting agency spending on that you consider unnecessary and can do without? Which items in your budget are failing to yield a significantly positive return on investment? What part of your expenditure is crucial to your success as a firm? Answering these questions can let you know what to cut down on and what to continue investing in. 

The last thing you want during a recession is to keep pouring money into factors that aren't contributing to business growth or helping your firm navigate the challenging climate. Instead of throwing money into unrewarding ventures, it's a better idea to stockpile cash to give you enough reserves to get through the recession. It's also crucial to mention that now is the best time to pay up high-interest revolving debt (such as credit cards). A recession will often see interest on these debts rise quickly; as such, it's best to pay them off ASAP. 

  • Invest In Client Relationships

If there's anything you shouldn't sacrifice as you try to recession-proof your court reporting agency, it's your relationship with your clients. In fact, there's no better time to strengthen already-existing client relationships and seek to build new ones than the months before a recession. The survival of your business in a recession depends on cash flow, and your clients are your primary source of revenue. As such, while cutting down expenses and paying revolving debt can save you money, investing in client relationships guarantees recurring revenue even in challenging economic climates. People will continue to need the legal system regardless of the economic situation. 

The need for the legal system even heightens in a recession, with bankruptcies on the rise. Secondly, crime rates often experience an increase during recessions. As such, courtrooms will stay open, and court reporters will always have depositions and proceedings to handle. However, your client base will determine if you're among the legal stenographers who remain valuable during the recession or if your law firm folds up as the market becomes more uncertain. In the months to come, double down on your marketing efforts and reach new audiences as you build your firm to survive beyond the economic turbulence. 

  • Invest In Technology

Technology offers several benefits to your firm. For one, it gives you access to an innumerable wealth of data and research that can influence your decision-making. Whether you realize it or not, data is your friend ahead of a recession. The last thing you want to do is make decisions in an uncertain market based on guesswork. It's best to base your decisions on well-researched and accurate data to enable you to navigate a risky market and increase business revenue. 

Recessions might be challenging economic climates, but they also provide pools of opportunity for business growth. However, how can you spot these untapped markets if your market research and analysis are inaccurate? With better information, you equip your firm with the resources to stay relevant in your industry. 

Secondly, tech can help you provide better services to your customers. Since customers are crucial to your revenue, it's never a bad idea to jump on any opportunity to provide better services and improve client relationships. Finally, tech can help you save money and time. Automating several of your business processes with tech tools means you can focus more on aspects of the business that yield profit returns. 


Recessions are challenging times for businesses. With talks of one looming in the United States, business owners are rightly concerned. Yet, it's not all doom and gloom. A recession also provides vast growth opportunities, with untapped markets and audiences within the reach of your firm. Furthermore, with in-depth preparation during the months before the crisis, it's possible to recession-proof your court reporting agency and effectively navigate the economic downturn. 

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