Mark Kislingbury - Fastest Court Reporter in the World
25 July 2022

Mark Kislingbury - Fastest Court Reporter in the World

With razor-sharp precision and fast-paced transcriptions, court reporting seems just as challenging as it is thrilling. But when you have the drive, education, and skills to support you on this path, you can make sure to unlock your desired level of success in the field. 

During this pursuit, looking towards accomplished figures can help instill some inspiration in you. When it comes to court reporting, perhaps no other name may brush a stroke of motivation like Mark Kislingbury, otherwise known as the fastest court reporter in the world.

Who is the Fastest Court Reporter in the World?

As a professional court reporter, Mark Kislingbury made a name for himself by holding the Guinness World Record for the fastest real time court reporter. Kislingbury achieved this feat in July 2004, by transcribing a one-minute Q&A at speed of 360wpm with 97.22% accuracy.

Kislingbury set the record in front of a live audience at the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) National Convention. This not only earned him the Guinness World Record, but also provided him with a pristine reputation that cemented his reputation in the court reporting community. 

While it has been 18 years since Kislingbury won his Guinness World Record, the maestro of transcription now runs his very own Mark Kislingbury Academy of Court Reporting. Through his eponymous academy, Kislingbury offers aspiring court reporters the opportunity to learn the skills of the trade through different mediums. 

How Can You Speed Up as a Court Reporter?

In order to improve your speed as a court reporter, you need to focus on multiple aspects at once. It is because court reporting is not just about the speed at which you type, but the accuracy at which you transcribe what you hear. 

If your fast speed puts together the gist of the conversation but leaves crucial details behind, your reporting could lead to massive errors and repercussions. Due to this reason, it is crucial that you maintain the right balance between speed and accuracy at all times.

To follow the footsteps of the fastest court reporter in the world, you can start working on the following areas.


  • Typing. Enhancing this foundational skill pays off at every corner. You can improve your typing by practicing on the stenotype machine and comparing the accuracy of your results to your previous performance. 

  • Listening. If you don’t pay attention to active listening, you run the risk of missing crucial details. You can enhance this skill by listening to random speech recordings and transcribing them.

  • Working Under Pressure. With the fate of every case hanging on your shoulders, your stress levels as a court reporter are often off the roof. Learn calming, focusing, and self-motivating techniques to perform well under pressure.


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