State Associations for Court Reporters (Colorado - Hawaii)
31 August 2022

State Associations for Court Reporters (Colorado - Hawaii)


Colorado Court Reporters Association (CCRA)

CCRA is an association for freelance and official court reporting students, legal videographers, and captioners. The association promotes the court reporting industry through professional inclusion, legislative advocacy, and educational opportunities. 

CCRA Member Benefits

    • The association offers a mentoring program to court reporting students to nurture their skills.
    • Various technology webinars are offered to ensure members know the latest technologies and how to use them in their careers. 
    • The association ensures all court reporters comply with Rule 380 of the electronic transcript as evidence. 
    • CCRA has full-time lobbyists who introduce and tract laws that affect the court reporting professional. 
    • It connects court reporters with prospective clients to facilitate their success. 
    • Their annual conventions give members a chance to network with their peers. 
  • CCRA effortlessly works with other legal institutions so that members can attend as many career fairs as possible for maximum exposure. 


Connecticut Court Reporters Association (CCRA)

CCRA is a state association representing Connecticut's court reporters' interests. The association works with lobbyists to ensure transparency of legislation related to court reporting-related information, sponsors, educational seminars, and continuing education. 

CCRA Member Benefits

  • CCRA ensures that official court reporters get state employee benefits as required by the state Judicial Associate. 
  • Freelance court reporters qualify for dental and health insurance. 
  • The association ensures that all reporters are listed on their digital e-books to ensure they reach a broad audience. 
  • CCRA offers continuing education programs to members who wish to advance. 
  • The association has lobbyists representing members in legal cases affecting their careers.
  • All members have access to the Proofreader Directory, which is a valuable tool for any court reporter. 
  • The association lets members access an online job directory associated with CCRA to ensure they increase their job prospects. 
  • Students and new members have access to a mentorship program where they match with experienced court reporters at the beginning of their profession. 


Delaware Court Reporters Association (DCRA)

DCRA is a state-affiliated organization of court reporters in Delaware. Its mission is to promote the court reporting industry in the state by bringing together court reporters, captioners, CART providers, and legal stenographers.

DCRA Member Benefits

  • Delaware Court Reporters Association encourages members to save on NCRA Savings-Center, for future purchases of products and services they use regularly.
  • The association is affiliated with Mercer Health and Benefits LLC for a variety of insurance to members from health, Auto, home, and other long-term care programs.  
  • Each member is listed in DCRA's Online Pro-Link to ensure they increase their exposure to potential clients. 
  • The association offers resources such as The-JCR to inform members on policy and legislative changes affecting court reporting. 
  • Students and willing members can access education sponsorship programs to enhance their competencies. 
  • Discounts are available for premier events and certifications to all members. 
  • The marketing team and lobbyists ensure that the association is on track to achieving its objectives. 
  • DCRA's priority is enhancing the professional development of its members through mentorship programs, seminars, and conventions which also provide an environment for networking for all members. 


Florida Court Reporter's Association (FCRA)

Florida's FCRA promotes the art of real-time reporting while maintaining the court reporting profession's integrity and honor as it serves the judicial system and the public of the State of Florida. 

FCRA Member Benefits

  • By joining the FCRA, you make the association larger and have a more prominent voice to monitor and lobby legislation that favors your professional interests. 
  • FCRA offers annual workshops and sessions to help you maintain your state and national certification. 
  • These sessions and the Florida Court Reporters Association Facebook page are a perfect platform to connect with other Florida court reporters. 
  • FCRA has a Professional Reporter course for all members that integrates everything required from the reporter at the federal and state levels. 
  • FCRA has a quarterly online publication to keep all members green and efficient through informative articles for reporters, agencies, and students. 
  • Breaking news related to the court reporting profession is sent to members immediately through the FCRA's eFlash. 
  • FCRA members access exclusive savings on attractions, tours, movie tickets, Vegas shows, Broadway, theme parks, and more. Your registration rates for the one-day Florida Rules & Ethics Certification Seminars and the Annual Convention will also be reduced. 
  • Joining FCRA promotes you and the profession as the association acts as a liaison between state organizations and groups such as the Florida Supreme Court, Florida Bar Association, and the Judicial Council. 


Georgia Court Reporters Association (GCRA)

The non-political and non-profit GCRA is dedicated to raising awareness of the court reporting profession whose demand is set to skyrocket. GCRA's membership is open to all CART providers and certified court reporters in Georgia. 

GCRA Members Benefits

  • GCRA offers CE course information and resources to all members to ensure they qualify per the NCRA guidelines. 
  • Members attend seminars and conventions to learn more about their profession and industry. 
  • GCRA sends exclusive news to all members on job openings and legislative updates from the national and local scenes. 
  • Members have full access to the GCRA website, with plenty of resources to sharpen their skills. 
  • Above all, becoming a GCRA member makes you a part of a full-time lobbyist association that protects and promotes the interest of court reporters in Georgia.


Hawaii Court Reporters & Captioning Association (HCRCA)

HCRCA aims to promote professionalism and ethical reporting among court reporters in Hawaii. It also seeks to ensure that there are lobbyists tracking rules governing court reporting to ensure they are not vindictive to the reporting profession. 

HCRCA Member Benefits

  • Lobbyists of Hawaii Court Reporters & Captioning Association protect short-hand court reporters through political advocacy of legislation that might favor the industry. 
  • HCRCA creates a greater sense of community through a social platform on their website where members interact.
  • The association set aside a diversity committee to meet each court reporter's needs due to the region's disparities in cultures.
  • Registered members get access to educational scholarships to enhance their professional skills.
  • Each member gets full access to the job directory section of the HCRCA website. 
  • Discounts and offers on regional convention attendance are available to ensure members have equal chances of professional networking.