State Associations for Court Reporters (Idaho - Iowa)
03 September 2022

State Associations for Court Reporters (Idaho - Iowa)


Idaho Court Reporters Association (ICRA)

ICRA ensures that stenography reporters serve the people of Idaho professionally. The association is also ready to represent court reporters ethically, professionally, and with the highest moral standards. As a member, you will enjoy mentorship on broadcast captioning, Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), and real-time reporting. 

ICRA Member Benefits

  • All ICRA members receive a discount at all the association's conventions where board members raise important issues. The conventions future-proof their career by keeping them current with the advancements of technologies affecting the court reporting industry. 
  • ICRA offers continuous education seminars for CE accreditation and professional enhancements for a high NCRA status. The seminars are an ultimate opportunity to test the latest technology and meet influential leaders in the profession, the government, and civil society. 
  • ICRA members receive a 10% discount on all products they purchase through Pengad. $25 deduction for translation Tune-Up on Learn to Caption and discounts on all products they buy at My Realtime Coach. 
  • All ICRA members are immediately informed on any court reporting issues arising in legislative sessions. 
  • ICRA has a Scopist/Proofreader Directory that shows all members' credentials and expertise. Becoming an ICRA member adds you to this list and serves as an opportunity for you to earn extra bucks as a certified court reporter in Idaho. 
  • The ICRA also has a job bank where members access all job postings available and those near them. 
  • Joining ICRA keeps you in professional development as you learn more together. The association achieves a lot when you get aboard, and you individually gain excellent and valuable networking opportunities. 
  • All ICRA members are added to the Idaho Court Reporters Association Facebook page to remain updated and connect with fellow members. Engaging with other court reporters can be one of the best tools in your career, as no one seems to understand stresses and issues in the profession better than colleagues. 
  • ICRA offers a mentoring program that molds court reporting students into the next generation of court reporters. ICRA understands that the best way to make students competent court reporters is to expose them to the profession early enough. 
  • As an ICRA member, you receive quarterly newsletters devoted to Idaho captioners, freelancers, and officials. This invaluable Idaho publication updates you on technological developments, professional trends, and legal and legislative issues. 


Illinois Court Reporters Association (ILCRA)

The ILCRA was formed to enlighten and lead shorthand reporters pursuing knowledge and competency. ILCRA shares professional knowledge with all court reporters through publications, discussions, and studies. Besides, it represents all court reporters in Illinois while monitoring every issue regarding the profession. Join the ILCRA and see if you can nominate board members and contest for the Distinguished Service Award. Below are other privileges you enjoy as ILCRA member. 

ILCRA Member Benefits

  • ILCRA members access the Ad Infinitum online publication, which comes with the latest development across Illinois, board meetings highlights, relevant ads, and contacts of ILCRA officials. 
  • ILCRA creates a random list of reporters representing the association in legislative boot camps, special conferences, and conventions beyond the state. Becoming a member makes it possible for you to be among the privileged.
  • ILCRA is a platform for members to schedule and complete CCP, CBC, CRR, RDR, RMR, and RPR examinations. 
  • Members are welcome to attend annual conventions and all seminars that provide continuing training on the latest trends in the profession. 
  • ILCRA promotes, monitors, and lobbies for favorable legislation in the interest of CART providers, captioners, and reporters. 
  • ILCRA has a lobbyist team and Legislative Committee that identifies and informs all members on any legislation affecting the profession locally and nationally. 
  • As a ILCRA member, you can participate in the Mentor Program. 
  • Members receive continuous education through ILCRA's multiple resources, such as the ILCRA Bylaws, Transcript Act, guidelines from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), Court Reporters' Act, and the CSR Act. 
  • Becoming a ILCRA member makes you part of an affiliated state unit of the NCRA. 
  • Members' rates for seminars and conventions are reduced significantly. 
  • As a member, you qualify for annual speed contests, Outstanding Educator Award, Distinguished Service Award, or Student Scholarship. 
  • The ILCRA website has the "Find a Reporter" section with members’ credentials and contact information. This keeps you visible to clients and attorneys seeking a nearby court reporter from ILCRA. 


Indiana Shorthand Reporters Association (INCRA)

INCRA ensures that court reporters in Indiana promote, advance, and maintain high levels of legal stenography. The association’s primary focus is to ensure that state court reporters advance their education, professionalism, impartiality, and service ethics. 

INCRA Member Benefits

  • INCRA has lobbyists representing the organization in legislative boot camps, National Congress of State Associations, and other legal conferences.  
  • The association fosters social communication among members on a member-only Facebook page. 
  • Members enjoy reduced rates when attending annual conventions and seminars. 
  • The institution updates members on policy and legislation changes affecting short-hand reporters in Indiana. 
  • Students and willing members enjoy continuing education sponsorships by the organization. 
  • INCRA'S lobbyists help monitor, promote, or oppose legislation based on how they affect CART providers, captioners, and court reporters of the association.


Iowa Court Reporters Association (ICRA)

Iowa Court Reporters Association has always been interested in promoting the profession of legal reporting in the state. It achieves this by promoting awareness of the profession's importance and ensuring professionals get opportunities to develop their skills.

ICRA Member Benefits

  • ICRA keeps all members updated with legislative changes that could affect their careers.
  • The association works with lobbyists to ensure short-hand reporters are certified. 
  • ICRA has diverse committees to ensure that each member's needs are considered. 
  • Members participate in annual and midyear seminars to network with others and further their career prospects. 
  • There are consistent educational fairs where members learn about the latest in technology. 
  • ICRA publishes a membership directory which helps members expand their exposure and thus more job prospects. 
  • The institution offers numerous educational continuing opportunities for willing members through scholarships.