State Associations for Court Reporters (Kansas - Massachusetts)
06 September 2022

State Associations for Court Reporters (Kansas - Massachusetts)


Kansas Court Reporters Association (KCRA)

KCRA's mission is to maintain a high standard of professional ethics, quality services, and verbatim reporting and advocating continuous training with state-of-the-art technology. The association's rules and resources are available on its website. Like other associations discussed here, KCRA is the sole representative of all CART providers, captioners, and court reporters across Kansas state. 

KCRA Member Benefits

  • As an active KCRA member, you gain full access to the association's website. 
  • One notable benefit of the website is the collection of vital resources to hone your reporting skills. The "Rules and Resources" section has all supreme court rulings related to the profession, resources for students, a handbook for officials, and more. 
  • Members can access the directory full of contact information making it easy to connect with colleagues and pursue a common goal. 
  • KCRA members receive frequent updates on breaking news and upcoming events related to the court reporting profession. 
  • Similarly, members receive alerts immediately after new job postings emerge in the entire state. 
  • KCRA members enjoy continuous training and assessment opportunities during seminars and conventions. 


Kentucky Court Reporters Association (KYCRA)

KYCRA invites and brings together legal reporting professionals, including captioners, CART providers, court videographers, and others associated with the court reporting profession. KYCRA’s main focus is to advance the professionalism and ethical standards among court reporters.  

KYCRA Member Benefits

  • Kentucky Court Reporters Association has a marketing committee that ensures members enhance their employability rates.
  • The association's lobbyists work hard to ensure it is represented at Lexington Bar, KJA, KBA, and Louisville Association meetings. 
  • Members are listed in a court reporter directory on the association's website to increase their exposure and job prospects.
  • KYCRA offers continuous education sponsorships to raise members’ professionalism and competence.
  • The contracting and ethics committee ensures that members act with the highest level of integrity and competency. 
  • The association organizes various seminars and annual conventions that allow networking, sharing ideas, and mentoring among members. 


Louisiana Professional Court Reporters Association (LPCRA)

LPCRA was founded in the 50s as Louisiana Shorthand Reporters Association making it the oldest organization in Louisiana focusing solely on court reporting. Every LPCRA member is required to adhere to standards set by the association and NCRA. LPCRA remains Louisiana's backbone of the court reporting profession despite suffering continuity lapses in the early years. It has the largest membership in the court reporting profession and still yearns to provide "preservers of the truth" and protect the "integrity of the record."

LPCRA Member Benefits

  • Becoming a LPCRA member makes you a part of a full-time lobbyist association that protects and promotes the interest of court reporters in Louisiana. 
  • Members enjoy continuous training seminars that are social, educational, and interesting. 
  • As a LPCRA member, you're protected from legislation that could jeopardize your career as the association monitors and intervenes on any tabled bills that could affect members. 
  • LPCRA provides a discounted continuous education for all members. 


Maine Court Reporters Association (MeCRA)

Maine Court Reporters Association understands that court reporters provide a valuable service of transforming spoken word into text or video format during legal proceedings. That is why it dedicates its efforts to motivating and enhancing the skills of these professionals so they can be more accurate and efficient. 

MeCRA Member Benefits

  • MeCRA, together with Maine Trial Lawyers Association discourage short-outsourcing hand reporters to guarantee members' employment. 
  • The association organizes frequent training sessions for members to enhance professional skills development.
  • MeCRA trains members on courtroom writing knowledge and administers tests such as CLVS, CCP, CBC, RDR, RMR, and RPR. 
  • Members receive regular updates on news affecting their profession, including technological and policy changes. 
  • Various annual events enhance professional networking. 
  • CRA updates members about national certification programs and sponsors continuous education.


Maryland Court Reporters Association (MCRA)

MCRA was formed in 1949 to enhance the court reporting profession while maintaining high ethical standards and adopting the latest technology, especially in Maryland. Although the profession has evolved since 1949, MCRA remains committed to the same purposes and objectives. MCRA's core purposes include assuming leadership of the court reporting profession in the state while enlightening the public about the competency and value of court reporters. MCRA also ensures that its members cooperate with other agencies and adhere to guidelines set by the NCRA.  

MCRA Member Benefits

  • Members enjoy a discounted rate for all MCRA conventions. 
  • Joining the MCRA makes you part of an association that protects your career. 
  • MCRA organizes CEUs for all members saving you the costs and time of doing it individually. 
  • MCRA quarterly seminars and annual conventions offer an instant network of support from colleagues and influential figures in the profession. 
  • MCRA's annual conference keeps you on top of the latest technology and software at a discounted rate. 
  • Becoming a MCRA member grants you full access to the "Documents & Resources" section on the website with tools to progress your profession.


Massachusetts Court Reporters Association (MCRA)

MCRA targets those pursuing a career in court reporting and those trying it out for the first time. It has a 6-Week free introduction to court reporting program for all who have considered taking the career. Moreover, it checks the ethical standards, professionalism, and welfare of Massachusetts' court reporters and captioners. 

MCRA Member Benefits

  • MCRA offers members a Professional Court Reporter program with resources vital both at the federal and state levels. 
  • MCRA sends updates online to keep all members informed on the latest developments in the industry, events announcements, or breaking news related to the court reporting profession. 
  • MCRA has quarterly seminars for members to connect across Massachusetts. 
  • MCRA has a "Hire Local" section that lists reporters according to their geographical location, making it easy for attorneys and the public to follow. 
  • MCRA conducts an annual convention to enhance networking among members and provide educational materials that sharpen members' expertise. 
  • Joining MCRA makes you part of an association capable of monitoring and intervening in matters affecting the court reporting profession.