State Associations for Court Reporters (Michigan - Montana)
07 September 2022

State Associations for Court Reporters (Michigan - Montana)


Michigan Association of Professional Court Reporters (MAPCR)

MAPCR started in 1945 as Michigan Court Stenographers Association, but the wording has changed over the years. Today it's called Michigan Association of Professional Court Reporters, representing professional who captures the spoken work across the Michigan state. 

MAPCR Member Benefits

  • MAPCR members meet other professionals and connect. 
  • All members enjoy discounted Seminar and convention rates. 
  • MAPCR electronic newsletters are sent to members on the website or through emails. These newsletters contain breaking news related to the profession and additional guidelines to keep court reporters informed. 
  • MAPCR partners with Office Depot for a special discount on any office supplies members may need. So as a MAPCR member, you have an exclusive opportunity to maximize your dollar, given that Office Depot sets some retail processes at a 50% discount for members. 
  • MAPCR offers scholarships to students of any education level. 
  • Join MAPCR today and qualify for the Don Hansen Distinguished Service, the Oliver, the Alton Cobb, or the Harry Howse Lifetime Service awards.


Minnesota Association of Verbatim Reporters & Captioners (MAVRC)

This is a tax-exempt organization representing the interests of stenographic reporters in Minnesota. MAVRC promotes court reporters in capturing the record in courtrooms and depositions. Below are the benefits of belonging to the MAVRC. 

MAVRC Member Benefits

  • MAVRC facilitates NCRA testing for CPE, CRR, CRI, RDR, CMRS, RMR, CLVS, and RPR. This accreditation will boost your confidence as a professional court reporter. 
  • Members who volunteer in the association's activities receive training at the Board level. Besides, volunteers develop usable skills while strengthening the association's professionalism and reputation. 
  • Members enjoy continuous training programs, educational opportunities, and board involvement locally and nationally.
  • MAVRC presses court reporting issues in the legislature through a committee and a lobbyist to ensure members' interests are realized. 
  • MAVRC partners with Bench & Bar to represent its members in any issues affecting their career or welfare. 
  • Members frequently attend seminars to meet NCRA certification requirements and remain updated on trends in the industry. 
  • MAVRC also holds special events on professional development topics with varying formats depending on topic complexity and member interest. 
  • Members receive the MINE-strokes, a quarterly newsletter with association program, members, suppliers, and business opportunities.
  • MAVRC has a "Membership Directory" with court reporters' contact information for easy networking among members. 


Mississippi Court Reporters Association (MCRA)

MCRA was founded in the 60s spearheaded by the University of Mississippi School of Law. In 1976, the institution became the first university in the U.S to conduct a four-year court reporting course. Today, the Mississippi Court Reporters Association is open to every court reporter or student in the Magnolia State. MCRA board and members are aligned with the NCRA to ensure that they deliver professionally guided by excellence and ethics. 

Simply complete a membership application, and once approved, you'll enjoy the following benefits and others. 

MCRA Member Benefits

  • Members are free to use the MCRA logo. 
  • Regular seminars and conventions offer valuable networking opportunities. 
  • Members enjoy discounted registration rates on MCRA's training seminars. 
  • As a member, you access the MCRA website, which comes with advertisement discounts. 
  • MCRA has several initiatives to enhance individual court reporters and the profession in Mississippi and the entire nation. 
  • Every MCRA member has access to the reporter's directory, which lists them and their credential to make it easy for clients and attorneys to find those near them. 
  • MCRA also updates all members on any arising court reporting news regarding Mississippi or the U.S in general.


Missouri Court Reporters Association (MCRA)

The MCRA is also a state representative of Missouri court reporters, CART professionals, and captioners. The association's website clearly explains how its leadership, mission, and guidelines work in tandem with the NCRA provisions. 

MCRA Member Benefits

  • MCRA promotes and monitors legislation of interest in the court reporting professionals through representatives and committees. 
  • It offers a Mentor Program for all student members and promotes their recruitment. 
  • As a member, you form part of an affiliated state unit of the NCRA. 
  • Accepts letters from members on matters affecting CART professionals, captioners, and court reporters. 
  • MCRA selects members for career days and demonstrations on request throughout Missouri. 
  • Members have an opportunity to attend national conventions, leadership conferences, and boot camps where they get the exposure and knowledge needed in the court reporting profession. 
  • MCRA has a membership directory with credentials and contact information for all members. This makes it easy for attorneys and the public to choose a suitable court reporter for hire. Court reporters also rely on this directory to track colleagues near them. 
  • MCRA members can contest for the annual Distinguished Service Award. 
  • MCRA reduces the registration rates for all members in the quarterly seminars and conventions. 
  • Members receive the PROGRESS4U publication monthly for updates on communication from the leadership, advertisements, board meetings, and other developments throughout Missouri. 
  • Joining the MCRA means joining a force strong enough to defend your career and rights. 
  • MCRA sponsors members in an annual conference on the latest court reporting technology and continuous training. 


Montana Court Reporters Association (MTCRA)

The MTCRA is committed to supporting everyone who captures and converts court proceedings in achieving the highest possible expertise. It achieves this by promoting continuous education, professionalism, and excellence. 

MTCRA Member Benefits

  • MTCRA has conventions and special events where members meet, socialize and learn. 
  • MTCRA Connects members with prospective clients and employers through the "Job Directory" feature.
  • MTCRA conducts an annual convention that allows members to network with their peers.
  • It also has continuing education programs for members who wish to further their education.
  • MTCRA members have access to resources that inform on policy and legislative changes affecting court reporting.
  • Members get exclusive discounts on events and seminars. 
  • MTCRA fosters socialization among members on a member-only Facebook page.