State Associations for Court Reporters (Nebraska - New York)
10 September 2022

State Associations for Court Reporters (Nebraska - New York)


Nebraska Court Reporters Association (NeCRA)

NeCRA ensures that stenography reporters in Nebraska serve the people professionally. It encourages ethical, professional, and the highest moral standards for all its members. As a member, you will enjoy mentorship in real-time reporting, broadcast captioning, and CART.

NeCRA Member Benefits

  • Becoming a NeCRA member allows you to attend seminars for CEUs. 
  • A NeCRA member is part of a skilled lobbyist protecting the interests of court reporters across Nebraska. 
  • Members receive THE SCRIBE publication semi-annually for reminders on upcoming events, developments in the industry, and any other communication from the board of directors. 
  • The NeCRA website has a job opening section for all its members. 
  • NeCRA conducts conventions to allow members find and meet fellow reporters from Nebraska. 
  • NeCRA nominates members for the annual Dale Theis Distinguished Service Award. 


Nevada Court Reporters Association (NVCRA)

NVCRA encourages, educates, and promotes the "guardians of the record" across Nevada. It combines the professional effort to lobby for favorable policies and enforce ethical standards as per the National Court Reporters Association. 

NVCRA Member Benefits

  • Members enjoy the annual Wild West Roundup Court Reporter and Captioner Convention featuring keynote speakers in the profession. 
  • The association offers members special discounts for conventions, not to mention 1.5 CEUs, 3 hours of CAT training, and full access to the vendor hall. 
  • NVCRA nominates any member to the annual nominations for Distinguished Service Award. 
  • NVCRA court reporters have exclusive access to job announcements. Most organizations prefer posting job ads on associations full of court professionals. 
  • The NVCRA members directory lists all the court reporters, videographers, and CART captioners in Nevada, making it easy for attorneys and the public to hire professionals near them. Besides, members use the information on the directory to track colleagues and communicate with the officials. 

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Court Reporters Association (NHCRA)

NHCRA prides itself in promoting stenotype reporters as indispensable parties of the judicial system and enlightening the public about the profession and its value. The association also establishes, encourages, and maintains high standards of ethics, performance, competence, and education for all licensed court reporters. 

NHCRA Member Benefits

  • Since licensed curt members are required at least 3.0 CEUs annually, you have every reason to become NHCRA members as it offers you special discounts to seminars that help you achieve your educational qualifications. 
  • The NHCRA website has a "Members Only" section where you access developing news regarding the profession, annual meeting information, meeting minutes, and other valuable resources. 
  • Joining NHCRA makes you one of the mightier forces that advocate for your profession in New Hampshire. The association works with NCRA, legislative bodies, and other organizations to protect every member's career. 
  • The NHCRA seminars offered throughout the year bring all members together, allowing them to network, socialize, and discuss issues related to their lives, career, profession, the association, etc. 

New Jersey 

Certified Court Reporters Association of New Jersey (CCRA-NJ)

CCRA-NJ started in the late 1930s as a non-profit organization for shorthand Reporters across New Jersey. It is headed by a board of directors elected annually by members and other task forces that guard New Jersey's profession. CCRA-NJ's primary purpose is to monitor legislative and regulatory activities that may affect members. The NCRA also expects it to endorse high ethical standards.  

CCRA-NJ Member Benefits

  • By joining CCRA-NJ, members take a decisive step to protect their careers. 
  • Becoming a member adds to CCRA-NJ 's muscle to respond to any threats or opportunities that affect court reporters. 
  • Members enjoy the social network, experience, and service at CCRA-NJ. 
  • CCRA-NJ promotes the participation of its members in Court Reporters Forums, encourages real-time skills, fosters court reporters in New Jersey, and stands firm against factions that look to oppress court reporters. 
  • Members can apply for CCRA-NJ promotion at any educational level. 
  • CCRA-NJ members have an annual opportunity to attend conventions and meet influential figures in the profession. 
  • Besides, members can register for mentor/student programs and Mid-Year conferences. 
  • Besides programs designed to promote court reporters, CCRA-NJ works with vendors to ensure members enjoy special discounts.  
  • CCRA-NJ has official and freelance reporters, meaning it has a broader representation and helps both categories share ideas and experiences. 
  • CCRA-NJ educates your community throughout New Jersey about the court reporting profession and related issues. 
  • As a member, you receive quarterly updates about arising issues and additional resources. These and other guides can be accessed through the website, online magazine, or email. 

New Mexico

New Mexico Court Reporters Association (NMCRA)

If you are a student, practicing, associate, or retired court reporter in New Mexico, joining the NMCRA will strengthen your state's NCRA affiliate. The association has stipulated Bylaws, guidelines, and standards for members to follow to promote professionalism and justice.

NMCRA Member Benefits

  • NMRCA members access the association's website helping them learn crucial bylaws and ethical standards that make a professional court reporter. 
  • NMCRA has a public member directory that shows credentials and contacts for all members. Here, members’ court reporting expertise is posted for prospective clients. The directory also helps them link with colleagues and the leadership.  
  • Members attend all court reporters' seminars and conventions with a discounted registration fee. Besides saving the dollar, these events are educational, and you can meet notable figures and mentors in the court reporting profession.
  • NMCRA has a "Job Openings and Information" section with available jobs matching your expertise. 

New York

New York State Court Reporters Association (NYSCRA)

Court reporters in New York have the NYSCRA, the oldest of all. It was formed in 1876 when court reporters only relied on shorthand to keep the spoken word. The modern machines were nowhere to be seen, not to mention most technological advancements that we no longer appreciate. NYSCRA has more than 700 members and is the NCRA affiliate in New York. 

NYSCRA Member Benefits

  • NYSCRA helps all members no matter their career stages. The website highlights all court reporting programs in New York to help students find their preferred institutions. 
  • Although court reporters can practice in New York even without NCRA certification, many choose to pursue certification to land more jobs. NYSCRA has plenty of resources to help members become certified court reporters. 
  • By maintaining an active lobby to ensure fair legislation for court reporters, NYSCRA protects even reporters who have not yet joined.
  • NYSCRA offers the New York Realtime Court Reporter (NYRCR) and the New York Association Certified Reporter (NYACR) to ensure all members are professional. 
  • NYSCRA members receive discounted registration fees for various education and networking events.  
  • Members receive educational support through NYSCRA's Horizon Fund annual scholarship. 
  • Court reporting students from all over New York are assigned experienced professionals as mentors and instructors. 
  • NYSCRA is led by dedicated directors and officers from New York who promote court reporting and ensure that members' needs are addressed. 
  • The NYSCRA membership is diverse, accommodating firm owners, instructors, court reporting schools, captioners, official reporters, CART professionals, freelance reporters, etc. 
  • NYSCRA members can easily find jobs near them through the "Current Job Announcements" section under the "Reporting as A Career" tab. Here, you can sort the job postings to match your qualifications, expertise, and experience. 
  • Members receive court reporting-related updates immediately through the website, Twitter, Facebook, or email. 
  • NYSCRA works with relevant bodies to make and pass policies fair to the court reporting profession. 
  • NYSCRA members also enjoy exclusive transaction discounts with the following companies and service providers. 
  • Tilles Center, Greenvale, NY - 15% discount off select shows
  • eVerbatim - $100 off of computers
  • Pengad - 10% of the purchase of $25 or more
  • Slice of Brooklyn Tours - 10% off pizza tour or chocolate tour
  • Ed Varallo - $30 off for Ed's Steno Pro or $50 off for both books. 
  • Aristocat CAT Software - 10% off software programs and annual support.