State Associations for Court Reporters (North Carolina - Pennsylvania)
13 September 2022

State Associations for Court Reporters (North Carolina - Pennsylvania)

North Carolina

North Carolina Court Reporters Association (NCCRA)

NCCRA provides opportunities for professional growth to court reporters, stenotypes, captioners, and CART providers based in North Carolina State. The association aims to provide these opportunities equally for all court reporters to help achieve excellence in legal stenography in the State. 

NCCRA Member Benefits

  • NCCRA works hard to ensure all members are certified by issuing sponsorships through the NCRA continuous education program. 
  • The association works with State and National Legislative Committees to ensure laws passed do not affect court reporters. 
  • Members attend regular conferences to learn about the latest reporting technologies and techniques. 
  • NCCRA publishes a monthly PROGRESS4U newsletter which contains the latest state development on court reporting and NCRA updates. 
  • There are numerous awards for best-performing professionals each year.
  • New members and students get mentorship sessions from professional and experienced court reporters.
  • NCCRA ensures regular boot camps, leadership conventions, professional ethics training, and education seminars. 
  • Career days and fairs across North Carolina sponsored by the association ensure that members get exposure and networking with other legal professionals.  

North Dakota

North Dakota Court Reporters Association (NDCRA)

NDCRA was formed in the late 50s and started annual meetings, conferences, and scholarship programs for court reporters across the state. Today it's the NCRA affiliate in North Dakota, Meaning it oversees ethical standards in the profession while promoting educational and technological advancement. 

NDCRA Member Benefits

  • All NDCRA members socialize and communicate on various social media platforms controlled by the association. 
  • The association also offers a $1000 scholarship to court reporting students. 
  • NDCRA holds annual conferences and quarterly seminars for continuous training and exposure to dynamics in the profession. 
  • NDCRA members have access to the latest career opportunities in the court systems. 


Ohio Court Reporters Association (OCRA)

OCRA's foundation dates back to the 1920s as an association for shorthand court reporters from Ohio state. The association is dedicated to directing and leading Ohio court reporters by promoting fellowship, high ethical standards, quality services, and technological advancements. So, joining the OCRA will be a wise move if you're a captioner, court reporter, or provide services to these professionals. 

OCRA Member Benefits

  • OCRA conducts members' conferences annually, offering about 1.5 CEUs on different court reporting topics. The association also regularly offers all members additional training opportunities throughout the year. Its mode of operation aligns with NCRA to ensure proper certification for all members. 
  • OCRA members remain up to date with issues affecting the industry as well as any technological advances. They are fully armed with information on the association's website, direct emails, and frequent editions of the Buckeye Record. 
  • Joining the OCRA gives you massive advocacy power as you join the state's court reporting profession in working with the legislative bodies and other organizations that affect the profession. 
  • As the forum for Ohio's captioning and court reporting professionals, OCRA keeps you connected with colleagues in the profession to help you learn, overcome challenges and possibly win awards. 


Oklahoma Court Reporters Association (OCRA)

OCRA is committed to ensuring the future of the "guardians of the record" through encouragement, education, and promotion. Its main aim is to unite court reporters in Oklahoma and combine the effort to lobby for favorable policies and establish professional ethics and efficiency. The business of this association is run by a Board of Directors selected per existing laws. OCRA also aligns with the codes and guidelines set by the National Court Reporters Association. 

OCRA Member Benefits

  • OCRA members are granted full access to the website rich in resources, guidelines, scenarios, and job postings. 
  • Registration for Honorary and retired court reporters’ membership is free. 
  • Joining the OCRA strengthens your representation when lobbying for your profession in the justice system and other organizations. 
  • You decide on which direction the association will take through an annual vote. 
  • Seminar registration comes at a discount for all OCRA members. 
  • Once you join OCRA, you are added to the Membership Directory section on the website, making it easy to find a suitable job and meet like-minded professionals. 
  • As a member, you can volunteer for a committee slot or even hold an office on the OCRA Board.
  • The OCRA will consult NCRA on behalf of its members on state issues. 
  • OCRA offers an annual scholarship for select students in the profession.


Oregon Court Reporters Association (OCRA)

OCRA's mission is to provide direction and leadership for court reporters in the state of Oregon. The association also advocates for all members' technological advancements, educational opportunities, quality service, and ethical standards. By acting as the liaison between client groups and the profession, OCRA promotes court reporting services to the client base and enhances goodwill and understanding among the public and professionals. 

OCRA Member Benefits

  • Whether you're a CART provider, captioner, freelance reporter, scopist, or proofreader, joining the OCRA offers you the support you need through continuous training. 
  • Becoming a member is an opportunity to acquire deep experience and professional knowledge as you interact with different stakeholders. 
  • OCRA members are part of legislative advocacy that could be an interested party in matters related to court-related policies, especially those touching on Oregon State. 
  • Join OCRA and qualify for quarterly workshops, seminars, and conventions. 
  • You qualify for the annual Ray Outstanding Student Endowment (ROSE) Award, which includes $500 and a plaque. 


Pennsylvania Court Reporter Association (PCRA)

PCRA is a non-profit organization that protects and promotes transcribers of the spoken word. The association also cultivates all members to ensure that they adopt the latest technology and comply with ethical standards set by the NCRA. 

PCRA Member Benefits

  • As a PCRA member, you have your career protected through the combined efforts. You can work as a CART professional, captioner, or court reporter anywhere in Pennsylvania. 
  • PCRA chooses members to represent it at NCRA conventions and conferences. If you are selected, you get the opportunity to further your education and meet influential figures in the organization, the government, and civil society. 
  • PCRA distributes quarterly updates to all members through its newsletter called The Outline. Here, you get timely reporting on first-hand insight, breaking news related to court reporting, upcoming events, prospects, etc. 
  • The association appoints a consultant and an advocate to all institutions providing court reporting programs across Pennsylvania.  
  • PCRA members enjoy a discounted registration rate for the regional seminar and the annual convention featuring updates on technological trends, networking opportunities, influential speakers, and continuing education opportunities. 
  • As a PCRA member, you are represented at the National Congress of State Associations (NCSA) and the NCRA. 
  • Once you become a PCRA member, you feature in the "Find a Reporter" section, where members, attorneys, and the public can see your credentials and contact information. 
  • PCRA members are all well represented in allied organizations such as the Pennsylvania Association of Court Management (PACM) and the Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA). 
  • The PCRA intervenes on critical issues affecting the profession. 
  • Members have full access to the PCRA, which is rich in resources and guidelines for court reporting profession enhancement.