State Associations for Court Reporters (Rhode Island - Tennessee)
14 September 2022

State Associations for Court Reporters (Rhode Island - Tennessee)

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Shorthand Reporters Association (RISRA)

The RISRA was founded in the late 90s as a non-profit organization to cater to the welfare of court reporters, CART captioners, and videographers in Rhode Island. It works closely with NCRA to ensure that all members have approved credit at an affordable rate. The association theme is Unity Is Strength Division Is Weakness. 

RISRA Member Benefits

  • RISRA members receive discounted registration rates for NCRA-aligned events and seminars to hone their court reporting skills. 
  • As a RISRA Member, you can be selected to represent the association at a court reporting institution program as a career day participant or a guest speaker. This exposure helps you understand external audiences and the profession at large. 
  • RISRA members receive annual professional credits. 
  • RISRA has conventions and seminars to provide continuous educational programs for all members focusing on technological trends and legal and ethical guidelines. 
  • As a member, you can enroll in the formal Mentoring Program, where a veteran court reporter instructs, guides, and molds you into the professional and ethical court reporter you would like to be. 
  • RISRA works with the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, and other organizations to provide First Aid courses to members following standards set by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 
  • The "Career" section grants RISRA members access to available jobs nearby. 
  • Join RISRA today and connect with other court reporters in your state on the association's social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 
  • Besides the events and discounts, joining RISRA is a great way to meet, greet, and connect with colleagues, be it aspiring students, CART, official reporters, freelancers, and retirees. 

South Carolina

South Carolina Court Reporters Association (SCCRA)

If you're a court reporter in South Carolina, consider joining the SCCRA. This association seeks to serve court reporting professionals across South Carolina by advocating certification, promoting ethical practices, and furthering education for all court stenographers. 

SCCRA Member Benefits

  • You'll be sure that the integrity of court reporters in South Carolina is maintained. 
  • SCCRA educates, promotes, and protects all its reporters. 
  • The association promotes and lobbies for legislation that favors court reporters in the state. 
  • As an affiliate of NCRA, SCCRA helps you understand and uphold guidelines set by the associations. 
  • SCCRA holds annual seminars that are vital educational opportunities for all members. You will meet some of the most influential court reporters and vendors throughout the conference with the latest court reporting technology. 
  • The SCCRA website has plenty of resources and information to keep you updated on technological developments, professional trends, and legal and legislative issues. 
  • SCCRA has Reporter Area Network (RAN) Socials, quarterly meetings for all members to meet and chat in different locations across the state. 
  • SCCRA has an electric information dissemination platform called the Palmetto eLine, which highlights trending subjects to keep all members in the know.
  • The SCCRA has a Member Directory that lists reporters according to their geographical location, making it easy for attorneys to find them. 

South Dakota

South Dakota Court Reporters Association (SDCRA)

The SDCRA is the official representative of South Dakota court reporters, comprising freelancers, federal court reporters, and state court officials. Out-of-state members, videographers, and students are also welcome in the association. SDCRA challenges its members to bring innovation and originality to the court reporting profession. 

SDCRA Member Benefits

  • SDCRA members advance their court reporting profession through the association's continuous education seminars and develop substantial goodwill within the profession. 
  • SDCRA gives members a national and local view of the profession and how to overcome hurdles. 
  • Members attend SDCRA seminars and conventions held throughout the year for more education on the legal, civil, and ethical issues related to their profession. 
  • SDCRA adds all members to the "Our Members" section showing their credentials, location, and contact information. This way, attorneys and public members can easily find the most suitable court reporter near them. 
  • Joining SDCRA allows you to network and learn from fellow court reporters in the association. This happens during the seminars, conventions, and on the association's Facebook page and Twitter. 
  • SDCRA gives members access to its website with valuable resources and links to vital educational materials. 


Tennessee Court Reporters Association (TCRA)

TCRA affiliates with National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), and its main focus is the mobilization and professional development of court reporters in Tennessee. The association provides essential resources and skills to its members to foster the development of their careers. 

TCRA Member Benefits 

  • Members of TCRA have access to sponsorship to a voluntary Captioning and Court Reporting (CCR) program. 
  • Exposure to the association's website enables members to earn more money according to one's certifications. 
  • Members can serve in committees and participate in student mentoring, thus gaining leadership skills. 
  • TCRA encourages annual conventions and seminars, facilitating networking and idea sharing and increasing job prospects. 
  • The organization sponsors seminars for members to learn the Code of Professional Ethics in legal reporting, thus enhancing their portfolios. 
  • The 'Find A Reporter' section of their website increases the job prospects of professional members due to exposure. 
  • The Member-Only Facebook and Twitter pages let members connect and share essential information or issues affecting the industry. 
  • TCRA offers discounts on membership fees to students and new members.