State Associations for Court Reporters (West Virginia - Wyoming)
20 September 2022

State Associations for Court Reporters (West Virginia - Wyoming)

West Virginia

West Virginia Court Reporters Association (WVCRA)

WVCRA represents court reporters who are the solution for the court proceedings records in West Virginia and beyond. The association helps court reporters across the state find and execute jobs following NCRA guidelines and ethical standards. 

WVCRA Member Benefits

  • WVCRA offers members video conferencing, video depositions, and other tools that make the work more manageable. 
  • WVCRA members can work with law firms around the country through the National Network of Reporting Companies. 
  • WVCRA has the versatility to help all members maintain accurate transcription and court reporting services. 
  • Members attend quarterly seminars that are an affordable, informative, and convenient option to obtain credits in the court reporting profession. 
  • WVCRA keeps all members updated on developing news related to the profession while protecting their interests by lobbying for fair legislation locally and nationally. 
  • Student members qualify for an annual scholarship to further their studies at any level. 
  • WVCRA matches court reporters with available jobs matching their credentials and those near them. 
  • Joining the WVCRA makes you a part of an association dedicated to fighting for your rights and career. 


Wisconsin Court Reporters Association (WCRA)

Wisconsin's first reporters' association was established in early 1940 and named the Wisconsin shorthand reporters Association (WSRA). The now renamed Wisconsin Court Reporters Association (WCRA) provides educational and social opportunities and public relations and advocacy services to all court reporters in Wisconsin. So, if you're a CART provider, broadcast captioner, court reporter, or practicing student in Wisconsin, joining the WCRA will reward you personally, socially, and professionally. Here's how. 

WCRA Member Benefits

  • You will receive timely information regarding any changes in the court reporting profession. 
  • Members are entitled to the quarterly Wisconsin Reporter magazine. 
  • You'll access ads and classifieds for the latest technological equipment and available employment offers. 
  • The WCRA has a comprehensive list of all members and board members and their contact through which you can lodge any questions about the association or other court reporting issues. 
  • Special discounts when registering for spring and fall conventions. 
  • Members have an opportunity to provide ideas and express concerns on anything they think should be addressed. 
  • Regular updates about WCRA, the reporting profession, and the latest job openings to your email. 


Wyoming Professional Court Reporters Association (WPCRA)

WPCRA is the right place if you want to join a solid court reporters association in Wyoming. The association represents all CART captioners, videographers, and court reporters in Wyoming and ensures that NCRA guidelines and standards are followed. Like other state reporters' associations, WPCRA ensures that members' interests are considered, especially on any legislation passed at the state and the national level. 

WPCRA Member Benefits

  • WPCRA helps the public and attorneys find the most suitable court reporter near them. So, if you are a member, you are likely to receive frequent job openings from clients near you. 
  • Members have full access to WPCRA, where they can follow the latest news and interact with board directors and fellow members. 
  • The website has the "Job Opening" section where members find the latest posted jobs and those that match their qualifications and experience. 
  • WPCRA holds an annual conference whose registration comes at a special discount for all members. This helps members get the appropriate exposure to continuous education and mentorship from veterans in the court reporting profession. 
  • WPCRA also holds meetings and seminars to train members and test some of the latest technology in the court reporting profession. 
  • All WPCRA members are listed on the "Directory" with their credentials and contact information to make it easy for them to form cell groups with colleagues or advertise their expertise and affiliation to the state's association. 
  • Members have exclusive access to unique court rules, best practices manual, and the Briefpedia that keep them aware of the dynamics and tricks in the court reporting profession and how to maneuver legally and ethically.