The Challenges of Stenography
05 November 2022

The Challenges of Stenography

Stenography is still a widely used form in courtrooms. Since they sit for at least two hours, you might question how they can maintain their posture for so long. The answer is that they have the proper training to succeed in this profession. Remember that with the right practice, it is possible to overcome many different challenges.


At the same time, it is necessary to understand the challenges and know what to expect when it comes to stenography. 


Here are the most common challenges stenographers all around the world face.



You have to practice thoroughly

Practice makes improvement. But when it comes to stenography, missing a day of practice makes it hard to keep up with an improvement. 


As a result, daily practice becomes mandatory. This aspect of daily practice can be a challenge to many individuals. Remember that daily practice requires diligence, attention, focus, and clarity. 


Of course, a key part of this is to ensure that there is a strong level of commitment present here.



Lack of career guidance

Stenography as a career is not as common. This makes it hard for stenography students to have guidance or mentors that can help in the industry. When people lack guidance in any industry, it is easier to make mistakes. And this can be a challenge when you start your career as a stenographer.


Poor English background

English by itself is a complex language. And typing English words while listening is a challenge even for native speakers. A poor English background will make it difficult for you both during school and in your workplace. Remember to improve your listening and attention skills to record the material accurately.



Keeping up with people speaking at various speed

This is one of the common challenges faced by stenographers. Everyone has a different speaking speed. Some speak fast, some don’t have clear voices, and some are not native speakers of the language. This makes it hard for you to type and make mistakes. 


Being unaffected by emotions

The courtroom is not an ideal place to be in every day. There is no guarantee that a courtroom will be peaceful. Regardless of the court’s state, you have to be neutral and non-reactive.


Physical Challenges

As a stenographer, you must sit for at least two hours without moving your hand anywhere from the machine. Even if you have an itchy nose or you have to sneeze, you can’t do anything about it. The moment you move your hand, you may miss recording.


Witnesses speaking too fast

Sometimes witnesses speak before they have fully heard the question. This overlap can cost you a recording.


If you are a stenographer, it is likely that will relate to a few of the challenges mentioned above. Are you thinking of becoming a stenographer, then these are the challenges that you will encounter.


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It is possible to overcome a great deal of challenges with the right level of guidance. If you are interested in the field and want to learn more about opportunities present here, find out more at Court Reporters today.