Top Court Reporting Podcasts to Listen to in 2022
03 August 2022

Top Court Reporting Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

Podcasts are an invaluable source of knowledge for millions of people today. According to statistics, 41% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly. For court reporters, court reporting podcasts can provide helpful insights on legal industry trends, career development and practice management tips, and marketing advice. 


And because top legal industry podcasts aren't in short supply, court stenographers don't need to look too far to find legal experts offering industry insights through audio blogging. 


If you're looking for the best legal podcasts for court reporters, here are the top picks you can listen to this month: 

  • The Modern Court Reporter 

The Modern Court Reporter is a court reporting podcast hosted by Darlene Williams and Carly Wilson. It focuses on helping court reporting students transition from graduation into working in the legal industry.


Darlene Williams is a court reporter with 30 years of experience and has been the Head of Professional Development at Planet Depos for six years. 


Carly Wilson is a top marketing strategist who has spent his entire career helping court stenographers reach the pinnacle of their profession.


The podcast features monthly Q&A-style interviews with industry-leading court reporters, proofreaders, attorneys, and other legal experts. 


Recent episodes have covered professionalism in court reporting, court reporting technology, time management tips for court reporters, and navigating remote court reporting. 


Because of the vast experience of its hosts and its rich content, the Modern Court Reporter is a beneficial learning resource for stenographers who are looking to take their careers to the next level. 

  • Steno Talk 

Steno Talk is a student lifestyle podcast that seeks to create an online community for student and professional court reporters to share real-life lessons based on their experiences in court reporting school. 


One of the top court reporting podcasts, Steno Talk creates a friendly space for stenographers to hang out while discussing all things court reporting. 


Topics on Steno Talk cover various issues, including court reporting advocacy, networking in court reporting, the mentee/mentor relationship, career goal-setting, and managing your online presence as a court reporter. 


With a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts, Steno Talk is one podcast student court reporters and newbie court stenographers should tune into. 

  • Reinventing Professionals

Hosted by legal industry analyst Ari Kaplan, Reinventing Professionals helps attorneys and other legal professionals navigate the ever-changing career landscape and understand the technology heralding the professional evolution. 


Ari has held hundreds of interviews with leaders in the legal industry since 2009. His podcast covers several topics, including cryptocurrency and the evolution of payment options in the legal sector, systemizing operations with technology, the future of justice tech, and court reporting careers. 


Some notable guests that have appeared on the podcast's episodes over the years include Mike Hewitt, the CEO of vTestify, Anthony Davies, the CRO for Forrest Solutions, and Maya Markovich, the executive in residence at Village Capital. 


Reinventing Professionals is an educational podcast for court reporters and attorneys who want to stay in tune with technological and professional trends in the legal sector. 

  • The Law Firm Insider 

Growing a legal service business can be pretty challenging. In an industry as competitive and complex as the legal sector, even the most committed professionals will find that running a thriving legal practice is no-mean-feat. 


It's why career advice and strategies that help legal service professionals succeed in their professions are invaluable. 


At The Law Firm Insider, court reporters and attorneys can learn industry best practices to upscale their businesses and grow their careers. 


During the podcast, host Seth Price joins industry experts to discuss topics such as SEO for law firms, the future of remote depositions, and business strategies to grow your legal practice. 

  • Stenographersworld Podcast

Stenographersworld Podcast offers court reporters, CART captioners, and court reporting students the most extensive library of court reporting content and resources globally. 


With top industry experts across every episode, this podcast helps listeners improve their court reporting skills, stay updated on industry trends, and advance their careers in an evolving industry. 


Court reporters can also leverage the tools available on the Stenographers World's website to improve as professionals and earn low-cost CEUs for licensing. 


Some of the industry leaders featured on the podcast are Dr. Martin H. Block, the father of captioning; Mark Kislingbury, Guinness world record holder for the fastest court reporter; and self-taught international stenographer Jade King.

  • The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology

Hosted by Sharon D. Nelson, Esq. and Jim Calloway, the Digital Edge features legal industry technologists, authors, attorneys, and other legal experts as they discuss topics surrounding strategies for success in the legal sector, legal technology news, industry trends, and tips for running a legal practice. 


Some of the podcast's most engaging and educational episodes include The Future of Digital Court Reporting, Remote Litigation Tips: A View From the Bench with Judge John Tran, How to Build a Successful Solo Law Practice, and What Do Women Lawyers Really Want from Their Law Firms. 

Why You Should Listen to Court Reporting Podcasts

Court reporting podcasts offer new and experienced court reporters an avenue to learn and improve their professional craft. 


Legal podcasts are invaluable educational tools for court reporters, with topics covering a wide range of subjects, such as business and marketing tips, career development hacks, industry trends, and the latest legal tech news. 


The fact that these topics are discussed by industry experts for no cost means that court reporters cannot toss podcasts aside. 


Investing in learning is a crucial part of career development. If court reporters are to remain on track with their colleagues in the industry, they must stay updated on the changes in their industry. 


In an age where remote court reporting is becoming the norm, court stenographers cannot afford to lag professionally now more than ever. Legal podcasts are one of the ways court reporters can continue to move at the same pace as the legal industry. 


Podcasts have grown in popularity over the last few years, with legal podcasts becoming more mainstream. For court reporters, these industry audio blogs provide resources to upscale as professionals. 


If you require professional court stenography and legal support services, our firm offers expert court reporting and other support services for solo attorneys and legal practices. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.