What Do Court Reporters Do in the Courtroom?
15 July 2022

What Do Court Reporters Do in the Courtroom?

From procedural TV shows to blockbuster movies, we have all seen court reporters in different forms of media. But even as these professionals are shown typing away during court hearings, it’s hard to decipher the extent of their job through these handful of visual shots. 


Whether you want to become a court reporter or need to hire one, learning what these experts do can be a highly interesting topic. To help you answer all the questions in your mind about this intriguing profession, here is a lowdown on what do court reporters do in the courtroom.


What Are Court Reporters?


Court reporters are specially-trained professionals who are responsible for transcribing speech in an accurate and swift manner. These experts use stenography to create their transcriptions while keeping up with the quick pace of legal proceedings. For this purpose, they also utilize a stenotype machine that has specialized key formations for shorthand writing.


While the very description of a court reporter refers to their role in the courtroom, that is not the only place where they can deliver their services. Thanks to their precise and quick transcribing skills, they also offer their solutions during out of court proceedings such as depositions and business events such as board meetings.


What Do Court Reporters Do in the Courtroom?


In the courtroom, court reporters perform the crucial duty of transcribing live legal proceedings during a case. This includes the transcription of arguments, testimonies, comments, and the overall activities that take place over the course of the case. 


During this activity, court reporters ensure that they are transcribing live testimony verbatim, while also making sure that they prepare a complete transcript of what they have recorded from speech. This transcript is then submitted to the court, where it is utilized by judges, attorneys, plaintiffs, and defendants. 


The transcript that is submitted by court reporters also becomes a part of the respective case’s court record. This makes these professionals highly important to the legal system and its overall activities. In turn, they remain a critical part of court proceedings of any kind.


What Do You Have to Do to Become a Court Reporter?


If the fast-paced yet exciting nature of the court reporting job interests you, you can take precise measures to become a court reporter. 


Once you learn what do court reporters do, you can take the following steps to become a court reporter yourself.


  • Study for the job. Enroll into a program that teaches court reporting. These programs are available in the form of an associate degree, diploma, or certificate. 


  • Get certified. Some states require you to be certified as a court reporter by state-mandated programs. Alternatively, the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) gives you the ability to get certified and lets you surpass state certification or licensing requirements in 22 states. 


  • Find opportunities. After receiving the required education and training, you can move forward with applying for open jobs or joining a court reporting agency. 


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